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      1. Eddie Coyle

        Nope they are going the opposite way, cashless bail & defunding the police. Next no doubt the DA will announce a slew of crimes he will not prosecute.

        walkerny commented on Shot fired outside DSS

        Yeah, the IPD is not the problem in Ithaca.

        Elimination of "unfair" cash bail merely means felons get released now.

        Can't wait for the usual Ithaca crowd to protest this "brutality" .

        Where is the "science" when an institution like SUNY Cortland (student population 6300) is given a threshold of 100, as is Cornell (15,000) or Syracuse (15,300), while the same threshold is applied to a scpool like Wells (510). Where is the "science" when Churches are given a maximum of 5…

        Taunting civilians, blocking traffic, surrounding cars.... "functioning democracy" until it comes up the hill for you.

        You no longer need even a shred of physical courage to belong to a physical mob, the internet has turned the meekest, mildest milquetoast snowflakes into badasses and avengers.

        Disturbing trend in Ithaca. But it's politically incorrect to say so it won't get discussed at all until it is the daily norm....oh wait it almost is...

        But yet our "activists" tell us the police are the problem....