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      1. Meghan Beeby

        So, the leading Assembly candidate via in person ballots has already blocked me, a potential constituent, on social media - just like trump. Only because I've asked her & she refuses to answer why she continues to publicize the endorsement of a blatantly sexist local doctor.


        It would be nice if this Assembly candidate extended her ethics and, instead of promoting a local doctor's endorsement on her website, she would rescind this endorsement of a man who has made sexist, demeaning, immature, unprofessional, & unremorseful online comments about nurses.

        meghancb commented on Letter for Anna Kelles

        I hope you will consider showing the same respect to female RNs & LPNs as you do to a PhD. My letter to the editor about a local MD, who wrote objectifying, demeaning social media comments about nurses, was unsurprisingly not published. You definitely deserve to be commended for your …