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      1. Elisabeth Hegarty

        Elisabeth Hegarty commented on Health Angels

        We are very lucky to live in Tompkins County and in NY state. I had a very good vaccine experience - the volunteers were very professional and organized. This is not the case in many other states. Whatever may be going on re Governor Cuomo, he has done a good job with the Covid vaccine ro…

        Slattery needs to be gone. There is no room in this community for a police officer of his ilk.

        Elisabeth Hegarty commented on UPDATE: Jan. 13-15 clinics filled

        If a person received the first dose of the vaccine and has an appointment for early February already in place, will the vaccine be available for us to receive the 2nd dose? Does anyone know?

        Elisabeth Hegarty commented on Police seek info on suspicious Jungle fire

        Instead of advocating elimination of the jungle, since Mr. Lucente and his family works in the housing field (rental of very high-priced apartments), perhaps he could lend his efforts and expertise to a community low-income housing initiative that would really help residents of the jungle…

        Elisabeth Hegarty commented on Dining Review: Red's Place

        Sounds like a place many of your readers would like to visit. Could you post an address, phone #, website info? Thanks!

        Michael, I find your comments offensive and bordering on being deranged.

        Michael, since my husband died from Covid, without trying to be rude, I think you are an idiot.

        Elisabeth Hegarty commented on Tompkins County sees first COVID-related death

        When Mr. Ghost is 95 years old, let's ask him how he wants to die - at home with family and friends or alone in a hospital on a ventilator with nurse holding his hand. I hope Mr. Ghost is/becomes a rich man. One day he might learn the importance of compassion for is fellows. At a time lik…

        Elisabeth Hegarty commented on Tompkins County sees first COVID-related death

        Mr. Bryant did not say he was the decedent's doctor so it's not for him to determine how the man died. If I were the decedent's relatives, I would take the word of the medical professionals who cared for my loved one. They don't need Mr. Bryant, who knew NONE OF THE MEDICAL FACTS, to prov…

        Elisabeth Hegarty commented on Letter to the Editor: Are We Ready?

        The man who posted the article ended with the words, "Our children are depending on us." Actually, it is the Ithaca community who is depending on the children. No matter what precautions it has taken and all of the efforts that have been made, Cornell cannot police every student, especial…