Fish tank 2

Here, think about this: we go fishing, but think about the fish, all the sudden, they see a line coming down from what they think is the sky, and it has food on it. So of course, they are going to try and get the food from it, and that is when we pull the fishing line up. To the fish, it would be an "alien abduction." They think that there are aliens above pulling them up from their home place into cold air that they can’t breathe in. But to us, we are just eating. Have you ever gone swimming in the ocean and wondered why do the fish swim away? It is because to them we are aliens that are flying in the sky. But to us, we are just swimming.

Now flip it…what would you do if a rope dropped down with your favorite food on it? You would probably go investigate. All the sudden it pulls you up and you are brought into a place you have never been before and you can’t breathe. That is exactly what we do to fish, except we don't think that it matters that much because supposedly they are just fish. Well to the other living beings above us we are just humans or whatever they call us. And up there, further than you can imagine, there could be what we would call aliens, or other beings, and say those other beings went “swimming.” It would look to us that they are flying. Our world, even the solar system, is just layered from living being to living being, and we are not even close to understanding how the world works. Many human minds do not think that there is anything important but us. We think that all other animals are not as smart and that we know so much. We pride our self so much over what we already know that we often forget that we can still learn more, from technology in the future, and especially from listening to other animals.?

The solar system alone is so big! We have only gotten to walk on the moon. Who really knows what is out there. Are there other planets that can hold living organisms? And for all we know there could be other multiverses, an exact replica of our Earth but with different people that we can’t see. What do we really know even about out Earth? How do we know if the Earth is really round or not? If it is round, and we’re at the bottom, we are upside down, but it does not feel like that. It feels like we are right side up. There is no way to really know without going up there in space and seeing for yourself. And that is something I would like to do.?


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Margaretta Barker

Hi Liliana, What a good article, from a good writer! Thank You. You gave me much to think about today: fish, fishing & the future. I hope you get to see other worlds in your lifetime--even if only via robot explorers, which will still be quite exciting won't it? Fun to think about what is out there. Keep on writing!

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