In response to last week’s “Surrounded by Reality” column

I always enjoy the wit & wisdom of Charley Githler "Surrounded by Reality." But this week's brief had a strong undertone (or is it overtone?) of frustration and anger. And understandably so. Just thinking about Dylan Roof wannebes and assorted addlepates is enough to curdle one's blood. Charley likes to keep his messages enjoyable and cogent. But I must take issue with the appropriation of "the red cap" by TheRumpsters. I refuse to surrender. Friends have accosted me, saying I look like one of "them." But my bright red hat is MiLB Red Wings. It confuses the orange-haired minions too. My red cap is adorned with buttons like, "Compost Manager," and "I buy local," and "Rejoice the Vote." Write On Charley! Right On!!!

Tony Del Plato

City of Ithaca resident

An Open Letter to Trumansburg Businesses


?have just returned from shopping at a local store where I noticed a fellow customer who was not wearing a mask, although one of his two accompanying children was wearing one. As I paid up I asked the employee whether masks were required for customers. The employee just shrugged. We have to do more than shrug off non-compliance with simple measures designed to contain a pandemic that the CDC projects will cost 140,000 to 160,000 American lives by August 1. Regrettably, the store I visited today is not the only one in Trumansburg where I have seen customers not wearing face masks while shopping or ordering something from an employee. I have not returned to two of those businesses as there are other places to obtain the product or service where I feel safer from those who refuse to show consideration for their fellow customers, or for the store personnel. As business owners we have the prerogative to insist that those who enter the premises meet certain requirements. I believe this is something that every operating business in Trumansburg should be doing for the sake of their employees, their customers and the larger community. It only takes one person with the virus to spread it to many others. We know how to lower the risk. Let’s do it!

Andrea Beesing, Owner

Glenhaven Farm and Winery

Trumansburg, NY 14886

Fighting Gas Pipelines is Deja Vu All Over Again


n the immortal words of Yogi Berra, “It’s like deja vu all over again.” We saw what happened when New Yorkers successfully defeated the Constitution Pipeline - the gas companies found a way to move more gas through the aging Dominion pipeline that cuts across Tompkins County. Sadly, we were unsuccessful at stopping the Dominion New Market project and now we’re stuck with the expanded Borger gas compressor station in Ellis Hollow.

Recently, Governor Cuomo’s Department of Environmental Conservation rightly rejected the permit application for the Williams Pipeline under the New York harbor, but now the corporate utility National Grid has a "Plan B" to move more gas through the so-called Iroquois pipeline. We've seen this move before, sneaking the gas in through an existing pipeline doesn't make it any safer.

The solution to our thermal energy needs - heating, hot water and cooking - which now account for almost one-third of New York’s greenhouse gases, is to electrify these services statewide with efficient technologies like induction stoves and heat pumps that will plug into New York’s increasingly renewable electric grid.

The Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act clearly calls for a carbon-free economy by 2050. Gov. Cuomo and the Public Service Commission must reject any new fracked gas “solutions.” Methane is a huge problem for the environment, with a far higher global warming potential than carbon dioxide.

Gov. Cuomo must put our children’s future ahead of the demands of the gas industry. He must clearly reject National Grid’s new Plan B proposals for gas expansion. As Yogi said, "It ain't over till it's over." The fight against gas pipelines and fossil fuels ain't over.

Kathy Malcomson

Trumansburg, NY

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