I am proud to support Jordan Lesser in the race to continue Barbara Lifton’s legacy of strong?leadership and representation in the 125 th Assembly District. As a Town of Ithaca legislator?since 2008, and an activist for years prior, I have had the good fortune to work with many?government officials, some of whom are also on the primary ballot this year.

But, as Assemblywoman Lifton indicated by her recent endorsement, there is really only one?viable choice in this race. Jordan’s experience at the State level as Lifton’s legislative counsel is?unequalled. His frontline action on the most pressing issues of our time, such as climate?change, the environment, and social justice, is what sets him apart in this election. Jordan?might have less local name recognition than other candidates (even though he grew up here),?but that is because he has been in Albany for the past ten years, actually doing the very work that we will be calling on our rep to achieve.

When the primary is over, we will continue to benefit from the service of the candidates we are?being asked to choose from, some of whom are our personal friends. But this is not the “Send?Your Friend to Albany” sweepstakes. We have an obligation to elect our most-qualified, most?experienced and most impactful candidate to represent us in an environment that can quell?even the most well-intentioned idealists. Jordan Lesser is not a newcomer. He has built?valuable alliances in Albany. Jordan is passionate enough to lead, but collaborative enough to govern effectively. He stands unequivocally for the progressive values we champion and has?proven that he has the intellect, skill and tenacity to deliver.

Please join me in supporting Jordan Lesser for Assembly.

Rich DePaolo

Town of Ithaca

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