I read the letter from Jim Crawford expressing his concern regarding the change in voting practice related to the large number of mail-in ballots in this election cycle. I am thankful and grateful to him for sharing his thoughts at this important time. There is now a heightened anxiety by the voters. The public is well served to hear from those most familiar with voting in Tompkins County and their wisdom on this issue. The voters understand and demand that the integrity of the system be analyzed and always improved. All legal ballots should be counted. He knowingly understands that confidence and tranquility as he states in our voting practices is fundamental to the peaceful transfer of power in our democratic republic. Everyone should support the scrutiny and search for best practices. So, I became distressed to learn that Tompkins County, his employer, put Mr. Crawford on administrative leave for sharing his personal opinion with this paper. This kind of censorship is disturbing to free thinking people. It now brings into question the fair minded standing of our county government. It is unAmerican and troubling. I want to believe that Tompkins County will understand they overreacted. The Confidence and Tranquility in this county are at stake.


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Franklins Ghost

It should come as a surprise to no one that liberals think that freedom of speech extends only to speech that they agree with. Anything else gets labeled as a negative "-ist" or "-ism" and shouted down, expunged,, etc. We live in a modern rendition of the novel 1984, with liberals silencing anything they disagree with. You see this locally, with liberal Ithacans claiming that no one who lives in Ithaca has a differing opinion from their own and therefore shouldn't be allowed to demonstrate in Ithaca, to nationally, where social media outlets are silencing conservative opinions on a regular basis. Hope the liberal quacks understand that those in power will someday find them to be excess baggage as the useful idiots they are and dispose of them. That's what despotic regimes do; they send the intelligentsia off to labor in the fields, or off to gulags, or simply force them to kneel alongside a trench and shoot them in the back of the head. THAT is the sort of America that the Antifas, anarchists' and hardcore leftists who are so beloved in liberal Ithaca are striving to achieve.

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