I am a retired internist who practiced in the area for 35 years and have comments that pertain to this election. In 1961, Ronald Reagan spoke against Medicare warning that if it passed, "children" and their later kids would only have memories of "what it once was like in America, when men were free." Though he, many other Republicans, and the American Medical Association, criticized Medicare and Medicaid, we are still a democracy.?

Having good Social Welfare programs – Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security (and many complained against that as well) – does not make us [a] Socialist country – just as most European countries are not; the government does not run the businesses in their countries.?

Health care should not bankrupt the American people but it is: bankruptcy from medical expenses is the leading cause of personal bankruptcy in this country. (No surprise when being airlifted across town in Philadelphia for COVID can cost $52,112, as happened this year.) The Trump Administration (backed 90 percent of the time by our Congressman Tom Reed) remains committed, if not obsessive, in trying to remove Obama’s ACA, even now, with no plan at all to substitute for it and most Americans pleased to have it.?

Tom Reed supports reducing health care coverage but claims we have the best system in the world, which we do not. In fact, our ranking is surprisingly low for the wealthiest country in the world, and Americans are dying at a younger age than those in most of Europe, at much higher cost than any of their citizens pay. I know many people with serious health conditions. Some are young and in danger of losing their coverage Nov. 10 at the Supreme Court. Trump has no plan.??

Keep this in mind as you vote.?

- John Costello MD, Ithaca, NY

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