We urge everyone to vote in this election and to be sure to vote for our representatives to the NY State Assembly and Senate.??

Leslie Danks Burke is running for State Senate District #58 against incumbent Tom O’Mara. She is a strong supporter of the NY Health Act, a bill presently in the NY State legislature that establishes a single-payer Medicare for all health program[s] like the successful Canadian system.?

This would provide guaranteed healthcare access to every resident of NY regardless of age, employment, medical history, income, or documentation. This means that no one is kicked off at age 26 or denied care because of “pre-existing conditions,” and everyone is free to change jobs without fear of losing health coverage.?

With the NYHA in place we would be better able as a population to fight and contain COVID-19, keep us healthier in general because we could see a doctor when we needed to, and begin to undo the racial inequalities in healthcare that this pandemic has spotlighted. It would lower our taxes: the regressive healthcare premium “tax” we pay to private insurers and the burden of Medicaid costs and public employee healthcare on our property taxes. All but the very wealthy of us would have more money in our pockets.?

We urge you to vote for Leslie on Nov. 3rd. She is a strong advocate for other progressive issues, and all of these are linked to the benefits of universal health care: the environment, job creation, small businesses and farms, public education, economic justice. Go farther – volunteer for or donate to her campaign. And be sure to check out the NYHA at nyhcampaign.org

-Susan Soboroff, MD and Judy Jones, Members of FingerLakes for New York Health

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