To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Seph Murtagh in his run for the New York State Assembly. As a member of the Tompkins County Legislature, part of the County 4th District I represent overlaps with the City 2nd Ward that Seph holds. Because of that shared representation, I have had?numerous opportunities to work with Seph on local issues of importance for our common?constituents. As a result, I am enthusiastic in giving him my endorsement.

Ithacans have a good reputation for intense and vocal involvement in local development issues.

That spirit is part of what makes Ithaca a great place to live. Managing change in this environment takes listening, judgment, and the ability to remain aware of the big picture. It is?really hard. And yet, we have seen positive growth, with investors who wish to “bet” on Ithaca,?and the resulting dramatic increase in our tax base. As chair of the Planning and Economic?Development Committee, Seph has been a steady and central player in managing this?transformative growth in our local economy. He has been thoughtful, patient, realistic and?accessible. And while this may seem minor, he writes well, which I see as proof of the value he?places in good clear communication. He has the well-deserved respect of his peers on the?Common Council and this community for many good reasons.?

While we always have important issues to face, the immediate project of figuring out the pathway through the pandemic will take the same kind of dedicated and patient work that Seph has displayed in his City role. Because of his second job in Barbara Lifton’s office, he will?have a head start in navigating through the halls of Albany. In addition, I have spoken with him?regarding the challenges of New York State government, particularly the need for real ethics?reform. Seph has long practiced the open transparent governance that is necessary for our?State government to function better. I am confident he will take this on.

As a citizen and voters in the 125th, I hope that you will give Seph your support as well.


Rich John

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