The next member of the NYS Assembly from Tompkins and Cortland must be a person of vision, flexibility, and serious experience. Jason Leifer is that kind of leader. We need a person who will chart a course based on representing all the people of our 125th District, not just special interests. We do not need a lapdog for New York City leadership. Our Assemblyperson must stand tall for reason and reform. Jason is compassionate. As an attorney, he delicately handles difficult?family court cases that can tear apart families, and scar children forever. He is supervisor and chief executive of the Town of Dryden, one of the largest and most?diverse in our region. He fashions environmentally sane policies protecting farming and banning fracking. Jason protects taxpayers. By creating a business-friendly climate he secures the tax base. And there is more. Even now Jason is?seeking ways to initiate high speed broadband service for remote areas to give rural children an equal chance to compete. He advocates for town funding to help?develop affordable housing. Jason sets goals and then achieves them. When?elected to state office he will work tirelessly in our behalf. Your vote for Jason?Leifer matters.

Mike Lane

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