A Letter from the Heart

We are thankful to you all, family and friends for the continued love and support which keeps pouring in around the recent departure of our beloved son and brother, ShaSha. He has passed out of this earthly realm into the vast unknown. We imagine that we will met him again, for what is creation without imagination and love. We are blessed to have had him with us for 39 years.

A little over 39 years ago Shahid was born during an Ithaca blizzard at 5am with the temperature at 28 degrees below zero. His birth went quickly lasting only 5 hours as compared to the births of Tarik, Qayyuma and Amelia which were much longer. He was in a rush to get here and seemingly in a rush to leave.

Shahid is the heart of our family, bringing us immense amounts of love and now profound grief and sorrow. This grief is like an ocean, still and calm at times and at any moment a wave pulls you under and rolls you around and around as you struggle to get back to the surface for air. Thus we hold each other cry, laugh, pray and remember... trying to find some light to guide us forward yet forever changed.

Shahid is and has always been on his own path. Through all the twists and turns of his journey he never alienated his family and friends from his love and while listening to his voice you could always hear how much love he carried within him. His impact is like a pebble hitting the surface of the water, the ripples of which have deeply effected so many. Shahid’s quick wit and humor could keep us laughing and entertained until our sides hurt. He would sit with Amelia when she was around 2 years old telling her jokes she did not understand, but have her laughing wildly nonetheless.

Shahid has an incredible amount of depth and strength, enduring in ways the average human can’t comprehend. His path was not an easy one, but it was his and he did the best he could and that is enough. He passed into the light standing up with his head bowed. This was his last message to us about his strength and ultimate surrender.

When he was 6 years old he said to Jack as they drove to Binghamton, “life is a river” and that it is. We had the honor to spread some of his ashes into the Yuba River together as a family and raise our voices up in his name, singing him on his way.

ShaSha you are woven into the very fabric that makes us whole, that makes us a family, Rest in Peace. We love you

Love is Eternal

In Gratitude,

The DiDomenico Family

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Jen Lee

He was such a genuine and nice person. I remember how much he cared about other people and went out of his way to help those who truly needed it. I'll always have so many memories because he was such a great guy. I'm praying for his family and send my sincere condolences.

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