As of Nov. 10, Trumansburg schools are shut down for in-person learning until Nov. 30 due to positive COVID-19 cases in students and staff followed by the Thanksgiving holiday.

As of Nov. 10, Trumansburg schools are shut down for in-person learning until Nov. 30 due to positive COVID-19 cases in students and staff followed by the Thanksgiving holiday.


The administration at Trumansburg Central School District received word on the evening of Nov. 6 that there was a positive COVID-19 case among the elementary school personnel, an initial case that led to a small outbreak that reached all three Trumansburg public schools.?

By Tuesday afternoon there was one COVID-19-positive student at the high school, one COVID-19-positive student and two positive faculty and staff members in the elementary school, and one positive student in the middle school, according to a statement by District Superintendent Kimberly Bell on Facebook.?

The district announced on Nov. 6 that it would be moving to 100-percent remote instruction for pre-k to grade 12 starting Monday and continuing to Friday, Nov. 13. It later changed those plans to extend at-home learning until Nov. 20.?

Nov. 23 and 24 were already scheduled to be remote learning days, so the first day back for in-person instruction is scheduled to be Nov. 30. ?

As of Tuesday afternoon there were 10 faculty and staff members and 54 students from the high school in precautionary quarantine, as directed by the Department of Health.?

One staff member and 16 students from the elementary school are currently in quarantine. Two students from the middle school are in quarantine. One staff member from the district’s department of transportation is also quarantining. This information was provided by Bell via Facebook.?

Lunches are still available for pickup at the school multiple times per week.

“We continue to work closely with our community and the DOH in monitoring the local impact,” Bell wrote on the school district’s Facebook page. “Please keep those affected in your thoughts. We are thinking of you all and wish you improved health in the days to come.”

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Michael Bryant

History will not judge these lockdown fanatics kindly. Anyone, be it overtly or tacitly, that supports any aspect of the Covid Cult is responsible for mass destruction and incalculable damage being done particularly to young people.

My sympathies lie with all of the casualties BECAUSE of the lockdowns and shutdowns:

1) The millions made unemployed.

2) Those who lost their homes and apartments, and are now homeless.

3) The countless hard working small business owners that have lost their life’s work.

4) The increased mental illness and depression.

5) The REAL ailments that will go undiagnosed because people cannot get in to see their doctor.

6) The physical, mental and emotional harm being done to people that are forced to wear masks.

7) Many long term effects that we are not even aware of yet.

8) Increased levels of domestic violence.

9) An increase in child abuse.

10) Grieving people who were not allowed to be present for their loved ones and pay their respects at funeral.

11) Patients not able to see their family in hospital whilst not well, including young children.

12) The psychological damage done to children from being told they have to social distance from their friends and wear a muzzle if over 11yrs old.

13) The disruption to children’s education.

I could go on and on but basically the destruction caused by the lockdowns and seasonal virus restrictions are what we should be talking about rather than a fake pandemic.

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