Beginning November 2, county residents will wake to find their curb-sat recycling refuse rejected if its bin contains inappropriate materials, reminded the Tompkins County Department of Recycling and Materials Management (DRMM).

Rejected recycling will receive a rejection sticker from the DRMM. Residents will then have the opportunity to correct the mistake and wait for the next recycling day or drop off their materials directly at the Recycling and Solid Waste Center, 160 Commercial Avenue.

The aim of the measure is to encourage county residents to produce high-quality recycling thereby reducing the cost of contamination, which leads to batch disposal.

Seth Dennis, Waste Reduction and Recycling Specialist at the DRMM said that  some of the most common mistakes residents make include putting plastic bags and film, Styrofoam, and electronics in the recycling bin. Any plastic items must include a number 1, 2, or 5 recycling symbol to be accepted. 

“We’d like to thank residents for doing their part to be informed about recycling and taking steps to make sure their bins can be collected,” Dennis said. “Together we can make sure recycling continues to be a success in our community.”

Making sure that your recycling gets collected is easy, Dennis said, and information about what is accepted in your curbside bin can be found at and in the Curbside Recycling Guidelines for Tompkins County brochure.

Information about what items are accepted for recycling can be found at, and in the 2019-2020 Curbside Recycling Guidelines brochure, available at all municipal offices, the Department of Recycling and Materials Management office, the Recycling and Solid Waste Center, and at the customer service desk of most grocery stores in Tompkins County. also features a useful “What Do I Do With?” tool, which allows residents to search for information about how to recycle or dispose of any item.

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