Tracy Mitrano

Tracy Mitrano?

ITHACA, NY -- Despite absentee votes still being counted in Tompkins County, Democrat Tracy Mitrano conceded the race for New York's 23rd Congressional District to incumbent Republic Tom Reed.?

"Believing in the need to uphold our democratic norms of free and fair elections and the need to ensure that every ballot is counted, I had planned originally to concede after all of the ballots were counted.? I did not know how protracted the count would be," she said in a statement. "Tompkins County, the seat of the lion’s share of Democratic votes, does not project completion any earlier than late next week.? Although the counting of absentee ballots continues to narrow the margin, the math has long pointed to a clear victory for my opponent.? Moreover, I have grown very impatient with waiting to thank my supporters and provide closure for all of us.? Assured now that those absentee ballots are being counted in earnest, and that the process will soon end in an accurate count and a fair election, it is with that confidence that I now concede the 2020 Congressional District NY-23 election."?

Mitrano also ran unsuccessfully against Reed in 2018. The Tompkins County Board of Elections began counting absentee ballots on Nov. 10, and as of the afternoon of Nov. 13 was still working through the more than 11,000 absentee votes.

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