Martha Robertson

Legislator Martha Robertson, who represents District 13, announced her retirement from the Legislature following the completion of this term.

She reflected on her time in the Legislature over the past two decades, stating, “In two decades, you cast a lot of votes. One that stands out was our decision not to build a new jail for 135 human beings, 100 more than we are housing tonight. From 2008 through 2014 we fought back on fracking, with speeches, hearings, and rallies all over the state. Housing has always been an issue of equity and justice – leading, for example, to the Community Housing Development Fund and the Housing Summit in 2016. We got the Public Service Commission to approve the NYSEG Non-Pipe Alternative, the first such gas-reduction initiative in the state. On the IDA, we developed progressive housing and energy policies and made grants to childcare providers to help them stay afloat through COVID. We got New York State to help us expand the airport, move the DOT from the waterfront, and pay for the third County court.”

She continued, “I’m making this public statement to help get the word out; anyone interested in serving our community can call me so I can tell them what a great gig this is! It’s been an absolute honor to serve the people of Dryden and Tompkins County, and a true pleasure to work with everyone in Tompkins County government.”

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Lisa H.

Many thanks to Martha Robertson for her over 2 decades of service to Dryden and Tompkins County!!! Well done faithful servant!! Much love from another Dryden resident.

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