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Update 5:30 p.m.:?CrossFit of Ithaca, another local CrossFit gym, has announced they are also severing their ties with the national CrossFit company in the wake of offensive tweets from the company's CEO over the weekend.?

The gym said that they believe in the CrossFit training methodology but could not remain affiliated with the national brand after CEO Greg Glassman's comments. Thus, they made the decision to separate themselves. The have not picked a new name.

"Inclusivity is one of our most important values," the gym said in a statement. "We are proud of the strong community we have built. We hope that every single person who walks into our gym feels supported by every other member. Our goal is to help every individual become the healthiest and fittest version of themselves, and that has not changed. I hope our actions speak louder than the words of a man who does not represent us."

Original story: The CrossFit Pallas Ithaca gym announced today that it is disaffiliating from the national CrossFit brand, joining a surge in gyms making the same announcement across the country over the last few days.?

The exodus of gyms stems from racist comments made in the last several days by CrossFit CEO and founder Greg Glassman, who sent two tweets over the weekend that seemed to make light of George Floyd's killing by Minneapolis police and the coronavirus outbreak. The facility will now be known as Pallas Fitness.?

An email was sent to gym members on Monday morning announcing the decision, signed by Tim Paulson and "the team."

"We cannot stand by a brand [whose] leader is divisive and insensitive in a time where we need to show compassion and empower each other to become better," the note said. "We will stand by our core values, and our promise to promote anti-racism and be pro-active allies."

Being affiliated with the national CrossFit brand simply meant that gyms could use the word "CrossFit" to market their classes and work-outs. The price for the business relationship is reportedly $3,000 per year for each gym. Paulson said in the note that classes would remain the same, simply without the CrossFit name.?

It's unclear when Pallas Fitness, and other gyms like it, will be allowed to reopen under New York State re-opening guidelines. The gym did announce a new "Pallas Accessibility Fund" which sounds like it will be used to subsidize membership costs using the $3000 yearly fee they will now save, although details are still being sorted out.?

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