A TCAT bus in Ithaca

ITHACA, NY -- A TCAT bus crashed into a house on the 400 block of Hook Place in Ithaca on Friday afternoon, causing damage to multiple properties. Officers responded to the call at 12:18 on Oct. 23. No other vehicles were involved, and the bus driver, passengers and homeowner reported only minor injuries, none of which required transport to a medical facility.

Police say the initial investigation reveals that as the bus was turning onto Hook Place from Haller Boulevard, the driver lost control of the vehicle and traveled off the roadway onto three properties on the north side of the street. The bus then veered back across the street onto the south side of Hook Place, striking trees and coming to rest after impacing the house.

There was a significant amount of damage to the home that was struck, and the Building Department responded to the scene to assess the safety of the structures involved.??

The majority of the crash investigation is complete at this point. No criminal charges? have been filed at the time of this press release.?


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