Cayuga Inlet

Cayuga Inlet

ITHACA, NY -- Ithaca Police officers rescued Joshua Seaman, 32, from the water in the morning of Jan. 13 after Seaman fled from the police. Seaman had warrants out for his arrest for resisting arrest and violation of probation, and when officers spotted him and attempted to stop him, Seaman ran and evaded officers. He jumped into the inlet to the east of Taughannock Boulevard near W Buffalo Street — the water temperature was 31 degrees at the time.

Officers began a land-based rescue from the western shore and were able to pull Seaman to safety. They rendered care until medical personnel arrived on scene. He was transported to Cayuga Medical Center via ambulance in the custody of IPD. Appearance tickets were issued and custody was turned over to Dryden Police regarding the probation violation.

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Franklins Ghost

Silly Criminal, you forgot where you were...Tompkins County, land of socialist nutjobs, in the Peoples Paradise of NYS where people are only leaving because of the cold, according to King Cuomo. You weren't going to go to jail for anything short of murder, so why run away from the police who local activists want to defund to the tune of 80%, which would leave a SINGLE patrol officer on the street at any given time, for the entire city of Ithaca? The only people who get arrested in Ithaca anymore are white people who said an angry thing to or about a minority person, so unless you did that, you're fine.....

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