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Police are looking for information after two victims reported a home invasion that resulted in minor injuries. The victims said they were in a resident in the 300 block of S Cayuga Street at approximately 4:30 p.m. on Jan. 16 when multiple unidentified suspects “entered the residence without permission” with one displaying a firearm.

The suspect with the firearm allegedly ordered the victims to turn over several items, including an undisclosed amount of cash. At one point during the incident, the suspect reportedly struck one victim in the face with the firearm, which caused minor injuries. Both victims were able to escape the residence through the open window, at which time they fled on foot to the Ithaca Police Station.

Police established a perimeter at the residence where the incident allegedly occured; no suspects were found in a search but the scene was processed by the crime scene unit. The investigation is ongoing, and the Ithaca Police Department asks anyone with information to contact them.

Police Dispatch: (607)272-3245

Police Administration: (607)272-9973

Police Tipline: (607)330-0000


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Franklins Ghost

This is the Ithaca that all of you transplant liberals wanted when you voted for liberal politicians who were and are soft on crime and the criminals who perpetuate them. Hope that you're all enjoying turning into the crime-ridden city that typifies a Democrat-run municipality. Now go ahead and attend your next defund-the-police-because -THEY'RE-the-problem rally. Maybe you wont get mugged while you're sitting there moaning with your arms linked.

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