Aurora Streatery

ITHACA, N.Y.— The 'Aurora Streetery' will remain closed to traffic until Nov. 16, the City announced on Thursday.?

The outdoor dining avenue, which opened in August,? was expected to continue through fall— and close once cooler weather arrived. The City said that in spite of the weather, curbside dining will remain operative until mid-November.

In a statement, the City said it received several requests to extend the outdoor dining season in the city and wanted to continue to support local businesses during the pandemic.

"We have been very pleased with the success of the Aurora Streetery, and are happy to be able to support our local businesses during this difficult time," the City stated.

The City never publicly?announced an official closing date for the streetery and at one point considered installing heat lamps to extend the dining season into winter. The idea was quickly shuttered due to various obstacles— number one being fire code.?Since its installation, the closure has impeded traffic along one of the city's busiest intersections to allow nearby businesses to use the sidewalks as additional dining space.

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