The Finger Lakes Regional Land Bank plans to complete the sale of three properties, demolish structures on six others, and acquire another half-dozen vacant foreclosure properties.

Land Bank President Joe McGrath informed the Seneca County Board of Supervisors of the organization's 2021 plans Tuesday night.

McGrath noted the deadline for property owners to pay back taxes and avoid county foreclosure is April 30. He told supervisors there are about 250 properties under that threat. Properties placed on the foreclosure list will be sold at auction in June or July.

Of the Land Bank's foreclosure acquisitions, McGrath said some will have buildings demolished and the land cleared for resale or redevelopment, while others will be targeted for rehabilitation and resale, working through partners such as Habitat for Humanity and an Ithaca-based housing organization.

As for the six planned building demolitions this year, McGrath said they are in Ovid, Romulus, Interlaken, Lodi and Seneca Falls, all within villages or hamlets. The cost is estimated at $30,000 per property, with an additional $21,000 price tag for air monitoring.

Ongoing land bank projects that will be advanced in 2021 include:

? 22-26 Virginia St., Waterloo, acquired in 2018. The presence of tetrachloroethylene, also known as PCE, was detected in environmental studies of the soil. The Land Bank is working with the Center for Creative Land Recycling and LaBella Associates on the next steps.

? 101 Virginia St., Waterloo, 2018. Proposals for a new owner and developer will be solicited.

? 408 Railroad Ave., Waterloo, 2018. The sale of a side lot to a neighbor has been approved, with a closing date for the deed transfer to be determined.

? 2146 W. Seneca St., Ovid, 2019. This is scheduled to be a potential site for a downtown Ovid project.

? 3529 Route 89 in the Canoga area of Fayette, 2017. The sale of a side lot to a neighbor has been approved, with a closing date to be determined.

? 33 Taylor Ave., Waterloo, 2017. This parcel does not have a marketable title, but McGrath said Habitat for Humanity is interested in rehabilitating and reselling this house.

The Land Bank said the following trio of properties will become Habitat projects in 2021: 156 Fall St. and 16 Barker St. in Seneca Falls, and 1537 County Road 132 in the hamlet of Willard.

The Board of Supervisors established the Land Bank in 2015. Frank Sinicropi, Bob Hayssen, Cindy Garlick-Lorenzetti, Kyle Barnhart, Melissa Nesbit, Don Northrup, and Jill Henry make up its Board of Directors. Its funding sources come from federal and state grants, county money, and income from the sale of properties.

This article was originally published in the Finger Lakes Times

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