ITHACA -- An employee at GreenStar Food Co-op at the 770 Cascadilla Street location has tested positive for COVID-19 and is currently in isolation. The Health Department has identified and contacted those who had close contact with this employee, and the protocols for essential workers are being followed, according to general manager Brandon Kane.?

The co-op remains open and GreenStar’s policies require staff to wear face coverings and gloves and customers to wear face covering. Additionally, curbside pickup and delivery are available through Instacart if you prefer not to go into the building.

Anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19 should follow the guidelines of their primary care physician or contact the Tompkins County Public Health Department. Testing is provided at Cayuga Health Sampling Site located at The Shops at Ithaca Mall parking lot, 40 Catherwood Rd. Mon–Fri, 8:30 a.m.– 4 p.m. Pre-register online at or call the Cayuga Health Registration Line at 607-319-5708.

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Michael Bryant

The PCR "test" is not a test at all it is a process and was never designed for diagnostics it was designed for lab experiments.

The insert on the PCR (and antigen) tests read “not for diagnostic purposes.” Yet WHO, CDC, and FDA are using them exactly for that. The late inventor of PCR who won the 1993 Nobel Prize in chemistry for that invention, Kary Mullis, stipulated that his invention should never be used for medical diagnosis as it is not suitable for quantitative biological analysis. It is basically a molecular photocopier machine which can rapidly turn a single strand of DNA into billions.

This is something many of us have been talking about for months. I'm still amazed how most in the academic world are not discussing it. FDA admits in their pamphlet on the PCR that they had no "quantifiable virions" in order to create the test, or assess the accuracy of the test. They simply transcribed RNA they assume is viral, in order to validate the test. This is insane. The "lack of gold standard" is something that has been discussed widely but conveniently ignored by the corporate media. It would be like developing a cancer screening test, with no biopsies with which to compare. Anyone who did so would be jailed or fired, most likely.

This is all known. They did exactly this in 2006 with the Dartmouth whooping cough false epidemic and used the PCR test to amp up the pandemic and exactly 100% of those positives turned out to be false- google "Faith in Quick Test Leads to Epidemic That Wasn't"- by Gina Colata 2007-NY Times for the story. They know the PCR test is not reliable for this purpose.

To address all this properly, we'd have to actually talk about virus "isolation" and "purification" with proof of disease causation.

An actual infection is a patient who presents with symptoms. Go read the CDC's latest on Covid symptoms. It's a catchall category nowadays. Vast majority of these so-called “cases” are completely healthy people who respond to an unreliable test allegedly ‘positive’ for something which may – or may not – be related to corona virus. Many of them are from previous infections with the common cold (caused by rhinovirus and by coronavirus in some cases). Everything reported about “cases” of corona virus is so much hot air.

The motives for manufacturing these bogus "cases" is to keep the psychological terror of the virus alive in people's minds, similar to the mask mandates, so as to perpetuate social control. This also keeps people hostage to the ultimate savior- the Covid vaccine which promises to be a huge money maker. New vaccines usually take 7-15 years of tests and trials. And here we have a new type of vaccine entirely, mRNA, that will be road ready in only a year? Anyone crazy enough to think that's safe? There is A LOT of money involved here.

There is another huge factor to be considered here. If it were discovered by a critical mass that we were either purposefully deceived (for financial and/or political motives) or were the victims of gross incompetence the political fallout from that would be extraordinary.

There would also be (and should be) massive lawsuits and prosecutions.

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