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Tompkins County Health Department. (photo courtesy of Tompkins Health Department)

ITHACA, N.Y. -- One Kendal at Ithaca resident and three employees have tested positive for COVID-19, leadership at the retirement community announced on Tuesday, Oct.12. The staff that tested positive work in the health center but are not direct care staff.

Leadership stated that the three employees work in separate areas, which indicates community spread throughout Tompkins County rather than contact spread from inside the facility.

In response to the four positive tests, the community is taking the following steps, effective immediately:

  • All visitation to the campus is closed.? This includes visitors to Independent Living cottages and apartments.? The exception to this is personal care aides. Window visits are also suspended for the Health Center.
  • All common areas of the campus are closed to activities.? This includes the auditorium, the salon, the fitness center, the pool, the library and the activities room. ?
  • Offering mail delivery to all residents’ homes. Meal delivery continues as well.
  • All Health Center residents will be tested tomorrow.? Guidelines for co-horting Health Center residents are being activated.
  • All staff are being tested twice per week.? We are reinforcing mask wearing and hand washing with staff.

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John Butler

How many people were hospitalized? Seems less people are getting sick enough to go to the hospital.

Michael Bryant

This is more irresponsible journalism. Simply asserting there are "cases" tells us nothing- all it does is stoke the hysteria and continue the lie that "cases" is a useful metric for anything. How about some due diligence here in your reporting that investigates further what exactly it means to be a "case" and how exactly the PCR test is being used in a wholly inappropriate manner.

The PCR test doesn't test for viruses, it was designed to test for cancer. The creator of the PCR tests currently being used for the Covid-19 test was created in 1985 by Nobel Prize Winner Kary Mullis. He said the PCR test should not be used to diagnose infectious diseases. The PCR tests for bits of DNA that every human potentially has.The PCR test can be amplified so it can pick and choose if it will test positive. 90% of people who test positive for this PCR test have zero symptoms. If you have zero symptoms then you are healthy yet you will be counted as a "case". "Cases" are being used to justify all sorts of draconian and senseless policies that are destructive.

There are 100's of doctors and medical researchers who have loudly proclaimed that the PCR test is not fit for the purpose of diagnosis. It was designed as a research tool and not for use in diagnosing anything at all. Our governments and their (bought and paid for) 'advisors' are aware of that, and yet base their 'policy' on false results. Any health official who is not aware of this should be fired immediately.

What the scientists are seeing is a genetic sequence. Not an isolated virus. And the test only amplifies tiny shreds of DNA. They should not be amplifying more than 30 times at the most. In England, Canada, US, France, Spain and elsewhere they are doing 40-45 cycles, almost always showing a false positive. Hence all the “asymptomatic carriers” with no symptoms. Not a virus. The PCR doesn't test viral load, meaning there's no way to know how much "virus" anyone has.

Patients who have other life threatening diseases are being mislabelled "Covid19 cases"- This also manipulates the death statistics if they perish. We are being scammed big time by government and big business on a global scale. It becomes an endless loop as the number of false positives leading to more "cases" which leads to more restrictions.

The PCR test is not only unreliable as a diagnostic tool for COVID (or any viral diagnosis), it also cannot rightly identify whether a positive PCR test is indeed a ‘case’ or even an ‘infection.’ This means that the entire mass-testing effort championed by governments are fatally flawed at the source. This is the scientific reality.

This virus would disappear in a week if people just stopped getting tested.

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