Musical medicine

Singing is one of the world’s most common ways to relax. It’s a relief, a release of tension, and sometimes the perfect accompaniment to the shower.

All of which, besides the shower, you can experience as part of a group with the Monthly Song Circle, organized by the Honey Sweet Harmony vocal group. ‘Music is Medicine for Cultural Orphans” is the theme of the event, and the gatherings are designed to heal oneself on the inside.?

Though the group usually convenes on the third Tuesday night each month from 6-7 p.m. at Sacred Root Kava Lounge in downtown Ithaca, they thought it would be appropriate to meet at night as the midterm election results were rolling in, in order to conjure up some healing from what is sure to be a turbulent day and week. They’ll be back to normal schedule in December, though.?

“We are at the time of year when we honour our ancestors, dearly departed, and veterans,” the event’s website said. “Many of us have come to believe that our way of being and actions in the present can do healing back into our families’ past and forward in service to the generations yet to come.”

Anyone is encouraged to participate, from young to old. Even those who might think they don’t want to sing are welcome at the events as listeners. Attendees can bring songs or intentions to the events to share with the group if they wish, as multiculturalism is a goal. Drums, rattles or other accompanying instruments can be brought by participants. ?

The election night event is designed, the group states, to convey a message from the group and through their singing. Ideally, that message is meant to represent the needs of future generations, and what the people in the group, or rather the current generation, wants to leave behind them to prepare the future generations. Obviously, in political times such as these, many people are focused on what the future is going to hold for children and young adults of today, not only environmentally but societally as well. This could be just the event for people who want to send their own message, in their own way, about what they want that to look like.?

Additionally, Honey Sweet Harmony is holding a New Moon Gathering this Friday, Nov. 9, at 6 p.m. More details can be found on the group’s Facebook page. It’s described as “a timespace to recharge, reconnect, and remember the ancestral wisdom within you,” and bills itself as an event meant to celebrate those who feel a strong connection to their “feminine aspect.”

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