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ITHACA, N.Y.? –?Ithaca has been named the fourth most arts-vibrant medium-size community in the United States by the Arts Vibrancy Index Report, moving up from sixth in last year’s analysis.

The Arts Vibrancy Index Report, compiled by SMU DataArts, ranks more than 900 communities across the country, examining the level of supply, demand and government support for the arts in each city. While this report is based on 2019 data and does not reflect the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, its findings help illustrate the critical role of the arts, both socially and economically, in cities and towns around the nation. At this historic moment, the report serves as a pre-pandemic benchmark of where the most arts-vibrant communities are located.??

Of particular note, Ithaca scored within the top 1% of government support overall, and ranks first in federal arts dollars per capita.

“The recognition of the Ithaca area as a top arts-vibrant community underscores the importance of the arts to our region, both in terms of quality of life and as an economic engine,” Megan Barber, Executive Director of the Community Arts Partnership of Tompkins County said. “During the pandemic, our local artists and art groups are helping people process emotion and maintain connections, and are bringing in new audiences through creative virtual and live events.? The fact that Ithaca has been named the fourth most arts-vibrant community means it’s critical that all of us support this vital segment of our economy.”

The Community Arts Partnership of Tompkins County (CAP) provides grants, services, and programs to artists and audiences.? CAP connects artists and audiences through the Greater Ithaca Art Trail, Ithaca Artist Market, Spring Writes Literary Festival, and the CAP ArtSpace Gallery.? CAP provides grants, a professional development workshop series, and other resources for artists.? For more information on the Community Arts Partnership and its programs and services, visit

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